MοT Panels

We sit and talk about the future.


About MoT

MoT is a dynamic producer of wide variety of products , presenting particular specialization in rockwool panels, promoting integrated solutions to address many types of buildings, such as industries, distribution centers (Logistics), schools, gyms, etc.

The strategic position, 7 km from the National Road Thessaloniki-Athens and 50 km from the port of Volos, allows easy access both to projects in Greece and abroad


We love to travel

Our panels have traveled to more than 15 countries in 4 continents. Much of the production is exported to countries in the Balkans and in North Africa and the Middle East. Our staff and our proper equipment can guarantee the appropriate “exports packaging” and loading in containers ready to travel around the world.

With the excellent bundling and packaging of panels, which is fully automated, and the loading being carried out by our professional staff in all types of containers and trucks, we ensure that our partners will receive our highest quality products as they left our production.


In M.o.T. Panels following some very simple rules and based on our experience on the rockwool panels market  we achieve the highest goal of expanding our satisfied client basis. You will find at any time high level of service, quality, certificates, flexibility and still competitive prices and reasonable delivery times.

Apart from the mineral wool panel production line, it has modern equipment for the production of complementary products, such as thin-gauge sections, trapezoidal sheets, flashings etc.




Since the establishment of the company we re governed by the principle that only the specialization ensures quality.
A rare case of panels producing companies , as we are 100% dedicated to the production of mineral wool panels, unlike the majority of competitors who are mainly producing polyurethane panels and as a complementary product rockwool panels.Production is carried out under European Directives EN 14509, pertaining generally to the structural elements, and EN 13501-2, concerning in particular to the behavior of structural elements in fire. MoT panels have achieved the highest fireproofing index A1, and are classified as non-combustible materials.

Quality is our most nonnegotiable condition, and served faithfully united by the staff and management of the company. For quality assurance,  MoT has created a full-service intra-industry testing laboratory by making diverse and strict controls during the entire production.




With the proper treatment and stringent quality monitoring and control, our products quality fully conforms to the European Guidelines.The raw materials quality throughout the supply system is continuously monitored by professionally qualified engineers through a series of physical, chemical and mechanical  examinations.Samples are regularly taken at intakes, to ensure that the production quality  remains steady . More than 1 000 panel samples are taken and tested each year.



We listen to the needs of our partners, and the requirements of modern construction and having turned our attention to new innovations, we achieve to ensure a modern product for our partners. We adopt new technologies and innovative materials we incorporate in our production, but also new services for our partners ensuring flexibility, immediacy and full information about the company and our products. At the same time, we are in constant process of certifying our new products always aligned with international standards.


We work having as our principle that teamwork can bring the best results. Respect the unit in total, and the total in the unit, give our people the opportunity to develop initiatives and daily under the roof of our company to reach their vision and ambitions.We invest in expertise, utilize their talents and rely on them to achieve future goals of the company. Through ongoing dialogue and open communication with them, establish a relationship of mutual trust and loyalty.


In MoT respect for the environment is treated as a fundamental issue being a major strategic axis of the company and is ensured multidimensional:


1. The product itself contributes to environmental protection, significantly reducing the CO2 emissions due to the energy savings achieved with the thermal insulation properties.
2. It helps to avoid noise in the range of acoustic panel, making viable areas from which noise-pass roads, and areas adjacent to noise-induced buildings.
3. The mineral wool, which constitute the core of the panel is produced from 97% fossil and renewable raw materials, and only 3% consisting of resins.
4. Produced from 100% recyclable materials, and their return to the producer can both mineral wool and steel liquidated and reproduce corresponding first materials in any desired form.
5. The company maintains the Environmental Management System ISO 14001: 2004


Corporate and social responsibility

MoT Panels on October 5, 2015 with an official document of the UN endorsed , adopted and pledged to faithfully implement the UN Global Compact for Corporate Social Responsibility.


Global Compact

The Global Compact is an initiative of the UN Secretary General Mr. Kofi Annan presented for the first time discussed in the Davos World Economic Forum in 1999.

This initiative is the confirmation of acceptance ten principles of data on the following topics:

Respect for fundamental human rights

Acceptance of labor rights and in particular the recognition of the right of collective bargaining and the abolition of child labor

Respecting the environment

Opposition to all forms of corruption

The Global Compact is based on:

In the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

At the International Labour Organization Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work

The Rio Declaration on Environment and Development

At the meeting of the United Nations Anti-Corruption

The Global Compact asks companies to adopt, support and enact, within their sphere of influence to this initiative in order to: raise awareness and voluntary promotion of the practical implementation of the ten principles to enhance the restoration of public confidence in the global community the interests of globalization.