Mineral Wool sandwich Panels

Fireproof Solutions

  • The safety of structures against fire is neither hypothetical scenario

    nor arbitrarily imposed fire regulations.

  • Our certificates shall comply with the harmonized European standards (EN13501-2)

    thus covering national regulations in all EU Member States.


    Certified properties according to EN ISO 354 & EN ISO 10140-2.

Nowadays, the designer engineer has in his disposal a variety of materials which enables him to choose the most suitable for the targeted application – either building or industrial – taking into account of a number of parameters such as: thermal insulation requirements, operating temperatures, levels humidity, cost and aesthetics. Therefore, to characterize a material it is necessary to examine the multifaceted and not focus on a single feature. That is incorrect perceivable as a heat insulating material is “good” because it has a low coefficient of thermal conductivity.


Fire Resistance

The thermal insulating panels (stone-wool panels) are used for side covering or partitions (fire compartments) of metal buildings with thermal insulation requirements and high demands of fire resistance and sound insulation.


Acoustic insulation

The combination of mineral wool fibers contain large percentage of free space ( air) that even when compressed in rolls or sheets, mineral wool has excellent insulation properties.


Thermal Insulation

The stone wool products have a coefficient of thermal conductivity (k) between 0,03 and 0,04 W / mK at room temperature.They can be used in industrial applications extremely high temperatures , such as superheated steam networks and foundries or even in space applications.



Rockwool comprises a mass of ultra- fine fibers , whose diameter is no more than 4 or 5 microns . The fibers are from 100 % recyclable blend of rocks that abound in nature: volcanic rocks , limestone , dolomite and bauxite.


Panel Series

The main product of M.o.T. Panels is the rockwool panels with thickness of 50mm up to 240mm and length from 2,00m up to 15,00m, in two types of  wall panel (secret and standard joint) and one type of roof panel.


Accompanying Steel products

We re more than happy to supply Trapezoidal sheet, Skylights, Flashings, Purlins, bolts and screws.