Sound proof Solutions

Perforated panels


The soundproofing is paramount for comfortable living in buildings .The loud noise, or even the so-called offstage noise can be harmful to health, cause anxiety and lead to inefficiency in productivity. Hence in MoT a whole series of products is dedicated to soundproofing construction.

In order to assist with the planning process , our company offers the relevant certifications for the performance of its products, according to standard EN ISO 384, with an index of sound insulation up to 45dB and weighted sound absorption coefficient aw = 1,00.

Sound Insulation

Sound proof Panels

The dissemination of sound in every building is either through the air or through the structural elements (eg due to impact). It thus becomes clear that the spread of the sound decreases when the walls and ceilings have the ability to cause damping of sound waves, which generally depends on the use of space and the sound source. The materials making up the shell of the interiors, ceilings, walls and floors should be appropriately designed to provide acceptable levels of sound insulation and sound absorption in relation to the dissemination of sound.